Description: dmFileNote

Development History (Changelog)

Version 2.3.1.  Released 7-28-2019.
Fixed: Exported description files will get created consistently (there was a bug in which they would occasionally not).

Version 2.3.  Released 11-12-2017.
Updated: dmFileNote is now freeware / donationware.  There are no trial restrictions.  All existing registration codes will still work fine (thank you for your support).
Fixed: GUI scaling works properly at higher display DPI settings.
Fixed: Maximize button disabled (it would crash the app; not needed).
Known issue (Windows 10): Integration with Windows Explorer file properties feature is broken with the advent of File Explorer.

Version 2.2.  Released 12-27-2016.
Update: dmFileNote Description Sync Tool can now recursively process subfolders.
Update: dmFileNote Description Sync Tool now has a '/QUIETAUTO' command line parameter, to have it run automatically and quietly (UI suppressed; good for automation).
Update: dmFileNote Description Sync Tool now removes orphaned exported description files when syncing descriptions to exported description files.
Update: A few minor dmFileNote and dmFileNote Description Sync Tool GUI changes (suggested by registered users - thank you).

Version 2.1.  Released 7-15-2015.
Fixed: All of dmFileNote library files are now removed during uninstall (previously, they were ‘locked’ in-use).
Fixed: Updating descriptions for folders no longer triggers property handler updating (which is only meant for files).
Fixed: If removing a description and the target file no longer exists, but the exported description file still does, the exported description file is deleted.
Update: The file/folder icon in the dmFileNote main GUI window is now clickable.  Clicking it will open the target file or folder.
Update: Installer now handles initial library registration, not dmFileNote executable (better efficiency).
Update: Description load priority changed (
1) Exported description; 2) NTFS; 3) 00_INDEX.TXT; 4) Failsafe ).
Update: dmFileNote Description Sync Tool now accepts command line parameters for automation purposes (see the “How To Use” section of Help for more info).
Update: Added “Reinstall Windows Explorer Properties Functionality” option in dmFileNote.
Update: A few very minor GUI/program tweaks.
Known issue: Context menus not displaying correctly in dmFileNote description editor textbox (VB6 issue related to OLE drag/drop functionality; not a huge deal).

Version 2.0.  Released 10-19-2014.
Filename label in dmFileNote main window did not display ampersands (&) properly.
Fixed: 0-byte 00_INDEX.TXT files are now deleted when there are no longer any entries.
Update: Integration with Windows Explorer file properties feature.  Now able to create file descriptions from both dmFileNote and Windows Explorer.
Update: dmFileNote now utilizes standard NTFS file summary information for storing descriptions.  Descriptions are now searchable within Windows Explorer.
Update: dmFileNote Description Sync Tool now searches the failsafe database for 'lost' descriptions.
Update: File I/O performance improved.
Update: Ability to click the red pin in the main GUI window to remove the current description.
Update: GUI has been tweaked to be more user-friendly.
Update: Minor GUI revisions.
Update: dmFileNote is no longer freeware / donationware.  It is now trialware (30-day trial; registration required after the end of the trial period).

Version 1.9.  Released 9-14-2014.
Fixed: High CPU usage when file selection window opened.
Fixed: Version checker feature detecting that a new version available when there was none.
Update: Main GUI window displays a file icon when working with target files, and a folder icon when working with target folders.
Update: Donationware notice delay reduced.
Update: "All Users" and "Current User" settings now stored in appropriate locations in Windows.
Update: Main GUI window background color can now be changed.
Update: "Script" font reference changed to "Segoe Script".  The "Script" font wasn't as visually appealing and exhibited some strange behavior.
Update: Registration code doesn't automatically appear in the 'Options' window (useful for businesses who don't want their codes 'leaked').
Update: Better file error handling.
Update: Other minor asthetic changes.

Version 1.8.800.  Released 12-25-2013.
Update: Expansion toolbar implemented.  Description window buttons are now hidden until toolbar is expanded, providing more viewing space.
Update: dmFileNote now only checks for updates once per day (to reduce server load).
Fixed: A few very minor GUI tweaks.

Version 1.8.700.  Released 12-4-2013.
Fixed: Descriptions for files with long filenames not being read from '00_INDEX.TXT' files.
Updated: Drag-and-drop functionality to description textbox.  Descriptions can now be dragged/dropped to/from other applications.
Updated: CTL-C and CTL-V (copy/paste, respectively) now functional in description textbox (same functionality as CTL-INS and SHIFT-INS).

Version 1.8.675.  Released 10-31-2013.
Updated: Pathnames of target files/folders cannot exceed 243 characters; operations on such targets will be skipped.
Fixed: A few minor dmFileNote Description Sync tool issues (program not ending gracefully during file operation error, 00_INDEX.TXT orphaned entries were not being removed, etc.).

Version 1.8.2.  Released 10-25-2013.
Fixed: minor GUI text issues.
Fixed: minor '00_INDEX.TXT' file handling issues which could occur in rare circumstances.
Updated: Ability to create descriptions for hidden files.
Updated: Ability to create descriptions for folders.
Updated: 'Automatically create exported descriptions' option added.
Updated: dmFileNote Description Sync tool added.  All descriptions files and folders within a folder can now be synchronized easily.

Version 1.8.1.  Released 8-9-2013.
Fixed: critical bug - error-handling routines for file handling were not working properly (a strange VB6 quirk).  dmFileNote will now properly notify you of any file handling errors instead of simply terminating when a file access problem occurs.  This is a critical bug fix - please update ASAP.
Fixed: a few other minor bugs.

Version 1.8.  Released 7-26-2013.
Fixed: a few minor bugs.
Updated: optimized some of the code.
Updated: option to set default description box font and font size.
Updated: option to accommodate high-DPI display setups.
Updated: dmFileNote Repair Tool.   Having an issue with dmFileNote?  Try using this.
Updated: minor GUI revisions.  Search/replace dialog boxes should no longer get in the way of the description view.  No more annoying red background in unregistered copies.

Version 1.7.1.  Released 6-5-2013.
Updated: minor GUI revisions.

Version 1.7.  Released 3-31-2013.
Fixed: could not handle target files over 4 GB (VB6 limitation).
Fixed: a few minor bugs.
Fixed: file selection dialog box textbox bug.
Updated: failsafe code revised; much increased performance.
Updated: GUI revised.

Version 1.6.6969.  Released 3-22-2013.
Fixed: empty descriptions weren't being removed.
Fixed: a few minor bugs.
Updated: exported description files may now be viewed by dmFileNote when opened directly, even if the target files don't exist.
Updated: some minor GUI tweaks.
Updated: new donationware design.  No big deal.  dmFileNote still functions as freeware.

Version 1.6.  Released 1-29-2013.
Fixed: a few minor bugs.
Updated: GUI updates - textbox enlarged, default to Arial font, icon displayed in Windows Explorer context menus, etc.
Updated: new configurable options for dmFileNote.  Enable/disable '00_INDEX.TXT' creation and enable/disable auto-create exported descriptions for non-NTFS.
Updated: some small tweaks.

Version 1.5.1.  Released 10-21-2012.
Fixed: a few minor bugs.

Version 1.5.  Released 9-23-2012.
Fixed: 0-byte description or index files would cause a crash (this is not typical).
Updated: file date/time modification timestamps are preserved on target files.
Updated: the source of the file description (NTFS, 00_Index.txt, etc.) is now shown.
Updated: update checker tweaks.  No more annoying pop-up box when online update is found.
Updated: installer now checks for existing installation and prompts user to uninstall first.
Updated: some small tweaks.

Version 1.4.  Released 9-10-2012.
Fixed: an extra description line was left in 00_index.txt files under certain circumstances.
Updated: the ability to export file descriptions to separate ".description" sidecar files.
Updated: the ability to change the font and font size for the file description textbox.
Updated: file selection box functionality now acts more standardized, accepting wildcards, full or basic pathnames, etc.
Updated: safer file handling to prevent possible data corruption.  This was not a prior issue; this is simply a safeguard.

Version 1.3.  Released 8-26-2012.
Fixed: attempting to select folders instead of files in the file selection window would result in an error.
Updated: update checker revised due to web host issue.
Updated: CRC32 hashing calculation performance dramatically increased.
Updated: ability to enter full pathname to the file in the file selection window.
Updated: some small tweaks.

Version 1.2.  Released 8-12-2012.
Fixed: selecting 0-byte files would cause a crash.
Fixed: failsafe descriptions not formatted properly, although they could still be recovered.
Updated: update checker - a notification will be given if a newer version is available online from the website (feature broken; fixed in version 1.3).
Updated: CRC32 hashing calculation done in the background if description is found.  This enables the description to be read/edited much sooner especially when selecting large files.
Updated: standard text string find/replace/select-all features added to description textbox.  F3 / CTRL-F, CTRL-H, and CTRL-A, respectively.
Updated: new Dave Moreno Software website link.
Updated: some small tweaks.

Version 1.1.  Released 8-3-2012.
Fixed: selecting files 2 GB. and over would cause an 'overflow' error.  This is a VB6 limitation.
Updated: the ability to run in 'portable' mode without having to install via setup file.
Updated: "Index_00.txt" no longer used as the name for index files; "00_index.txt" is now used.
Updated: some small tweaks.

Version 1.0.  Released 7-29-2012.
First public release.


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