Stores descriptions for any file or folder you wish, without affecting the contents.

        Descriptions stay with files and folders, even after copying/moving/renaming (NTFS required).

        Allows you to export descriptions, for inclusion with files copied across networks/etc. not supporting NTFS file information.

        Easy-to-use interface with a simple textbox for entering and modifying descriptions.

        Extremely low footprint - does not require much memory or storage space.

        Integrates with Windows Explorer file/folder context menus, allowing easy and instant access to dmFileNote.

        Allows file/folder descriptions up to 30,000 characters in size per file. Plenty of space for your notes, keywords, documentation, etc.

        Integrates with Windows Explorer file properties feature. You can modify file comments using dmFileNote or Windows Explorer - it's up to you.

        Enhances Windows Explorer search functionality, providing you the ability to modify searchable comments/tags for any file you choose.

        Optional "00_index.txt" index file creation and maintenance. These index files can be used by FTP clients and file cataloging software.

        Failsafe feature to help recover lost descriptions.

        UNC support (example: "\\myserver\myshare\myfile.ext").


an FTP index file created automatically by dmFileNote

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