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This software is freeware / donationware. If you wish to donate, registration may be done via the Dave Moreno Software website at To register, simply click the "Register" link under the dmFileNote section. Once registered, you will receive a registration code for dmFileNote. More details are available online at the Dave Moreno Website.


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dmFileNote allows you to create descriptions for any file or folder, regardless of the type. It's like having the ability to create digital 'sticky notes' for your files and folders.

Adding descriptions to files and folders helps you stay better organized and helps provide additional useful information. Here are some great uses for dmFileNote:

        Storing detailed information you can't fit in a filename. Example: you have family photos of which each has a fairly descriptive filename. However, you want to store more detailed information about them, such as where they were taken, stories about the timeframe in which they were taken, etc. Not a problem!

        Keeping track of application setup files, plugins, etc., to avoid confusion later in time. Example: you downloaded some software components and may need to reinstall them in the future. Although their filenames indicate what they are, you want to include additional details, such as what exactly you needed them for, special installation instructions, registration codes you purchased which are needed to 'unlock' them, etc. Can do!

        Enhancing file searches. Example: you wish to not only search by filename in Windows, but also by file comments, tags / keywords, etc. Consider it done!


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